Quantcast Remove Exhaust Manifold.

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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(14) Remove Accessory Drive Housing Assembly (TM 9-2320-281-34).
(15) Remove Power Steering Cooler Mount Bracket and Fan Clutch Mount Bracket , Brace (TM 9-2320-281-20).
(16) Remove Water Pump and Idler Assembly (TM 9-2320-281-20).
(17) Remove Exhaust Manifold.
Remove exhaust manifold as one assembly.
(a) Bend back tabs on exhaust manifold capscrew lockplates.
(b) Remove capscrews, washers, and lockplates. Discard plates.
(c) Remove exhaust manifold and gaskets. Discard gaskets.


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