Quantcast Install tool and cut counterbore

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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(3) Install tool and cut counterbore:
(a) Pull out on handle and push lockpin in. Lockpin holds cutter plate in up position.
(b) Place tool on cylinder block with hold-down holes alined with holes in cylinder block. Do not install
hold-down capscrews at this time.
(c) Hold onto handle and pull lockpin out.
(d) With large diameter of cutter plate acting as a pilot, slowly lower cutter plate into counterbore until tool
bit rests on counterbore ledge.
(e) Loosen adjusting nut locking screw and slowly turn adjusting nut clockwise until tool bit lifts off of
counterbore ledge.
(f) Tighten adjusting nut locking screw.
(g) Install hold-down capscrews and washers through adapter plate.
(h) Tighten screws finger tight.


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