Quantcast Preset and install tool bit assembly.

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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(2) Preset and install tool bit assembly.
(a) Place special "standard" in micrometer setting block.
(b) Set micrometer to read length of "standard". Micrometer must read 5.000 in. (127.000 mm).
(c) If micrometer does not read as specified, loosen micrometer retaining setscrew and move micrometer
in or out as required.
(d) Place tool bit assembly in micrometer block with tool bit placed against pad of block.
(e) Loosen adjusting pin setscrew and allow internal spring to move spring loaded adjusting pin against
micrometer spindle (see Fig. 3-60).
Lower salvage sleeves are available in two sizes; 6.2555 in. (158.8897 mm) outside
diameter and 6.3055 in. (160.1597 mm) outside diameter. Instruction sheet which
comes with sleeve, provides cutter assembly setting dimension.
(f) Set micrometer to read dimension as indicated on sleeve instruction sheet.


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