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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
b. Fuel line passages test:
(1) Install injectors in head with new O-ring seals. Torque capscrews to 10 - 12 ft lbs (14 - 16 Nm).
(2) Install O-rings and cover plate at fuel crossover mount pad. Torque screws to 34 - 38 in. lbs (3.8 - 4.3
(3) Reinstall pipe plugs in fuel passages on one end of head.
(4) Reinstall pipe plugs in top rear of no. 3 head. If No. 1 head is being tested, reinstall pipe plugs in top front
of No. 1 head.
(5) Install pipe plugs in fuel outlet passage of head.
(6) Install fitting in fuel inlet passage.


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