Quantcast Injector sleeve replacement.

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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
s. Injector sleeve replacement.
(1) Remove injector sleeve with ST-1244 puller.
(a) Plac e head upside down.
(b) Screw extractor tip No. 3375825 onto rod.
(c) Slide rod into forming collar and secure with 9/16 in. nut.
(d) Place forming collar into injector bore.
(e) Slide bridge over end of forming collar to provide support.
(f) Screw driver onto end of forming collar.
(g) Tap driver down until collar jaws bend top of injector sleeve over extractor tip.
(h) Tighten 9/16 in. nut to tightly draw extractor tip into injector sleeve. This secures sleeve to forming collar.


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