Quantcast Inspect rocker levers. (cont)

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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
Use magnetic particle inspection method to check for lever cracks.
(3) Apply coil magnetization with amperage at 300 - 500 with residual Magnaglo.
(4) Check levers for cracks. Illustration shows most likely areas for cracks to be found.
(5) Check injector rocker lever sockets for scuffing and galling. Discard if defects found.
(6) Coat a 0.500 in. (12.70 0 mm) ball or new injector link with Prussian bluing.
(7) Insert ball or link into lever socket and then remove ball or link.
(8) Check blue pattern in socket.
(9) Mark socket for replacement if pattern does not cover at least 80 percent of socket seat area.
(10) Check rocker lever bushings for scratches, pitting, or scoring.
(11) Mark bushing for replacement if defects found.


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