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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
e. Remove capscrews and washer securing aftercooler cover and remove cover.
f. Remove cross bolts securing core element and lift element out from aftercooler housing.
g. Remove core element gasket and discard.
h. Remove O-rings from core element rear water crossover and front water transfer tubes. Discard O-rings.
i. If necessary, remove AFC fitting and air compressor supply fitting from housing.
a. Clean housing and cover with mild detergent and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
b. Carefully scrape all gasket material from mating surfaces.
c. Flush core element with water until water draining from core element appears clear.
a. Pressurize core element to 8 - 9 psi (55 62 kPa) and submerge in water tank. Repair by welding as required.
b. Check O-ring groo ves for nicks and burrs. Use crocus cloth to remove any minor defects. Replace core if minor
defects cannot be removed.
c. Inspect housing, cover, and sealing surfaces for breaks or distortions. Replace damaged parts.
d. Inspect all threads for damage. Chase threads with appropriate size taps to remove defects.
e. Inspect inner surfaces of water connectors. Replace if scratched or distorted.


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