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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Do not remove orifice plug from inlet. Plug will be checked during testing.
(3) Remove screen retainer ring, screen, and gasket. Discard parts.
(4) Loosen stopscrew and locknut. Slowly unscrew stopscrew and locknut from injector adapter.
(5) Remove injector spring washer and spring.
(6) With injector tip facing upward, slide ST-995 retainer wrench over injector retainer and mount injector on
ST-1298 holding fixture.
(7) Engage 3375102 fixture body wrench over flats on injector adapter to keep injector from rotating.
(8) Tighten fixture stud to hold injector in place.
(9) With a 1-1/4 in. wrench engaged with ST-995 retainer wrench, loosen injector retainer.
(10) Loosen fixture stud and remove injector retainer.
Do not lose check ball.
(11) Screw off injector retainer and remove cup and barrel. Remove check ball spiral pins from top of barrel.
Change 1 3-263


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