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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
d. Inspect fuel pulsation damper and filter head assembly components.
(1) Check damper diaphragm, body, and filter head for corrosion, excessive wear, and cracks.
damaged or worn parts.
(2) Check damper diaphragm for hidden cracks by dropping it on a hard surface. Diaphragm should have a
clear ring. Discard if it has a flat sound.
e. Assemble fuel pulsation damper and filter head assembly.
(1) Screw plug into filter head.
(2) Install new 0-ring into filter head groove and new O-ring into body groove.
Be sure diaphragm is clean.
(3) Coat damper diaphragm with lubricating oil and place against fi lter head O-ring.
(4) Place new nylon washer against diaphragm and mate plate to filter head.
(5) Secure plate to filter head with captive washer screws. Torque screws to 11 13 ft lbs (15 - 18 Nm).


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