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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
(1) Screw idle adjusting screw into idle plunger guide.
(2) Place adjusting screw washer over end of adjusting screw in guide.
(3) Slide idle spring (Part No. 3018767) into plunger guide over idle adjusting screw.
(4) Place idle spring plunger (Part No. 140923) into plunger guide against idle spring.
(5) Slide governor high-speed compression spring (Part No. 143252), shim, and spring retainer onto guide.
(6) Install guide and attached parts into spring pack housing in fuel pump.
(7) Secure with snapring.
Final idle adjustment will be made during fuel pump calibration.
(8) Turn idle adjusting screw to right until contact made with seat.
Screws with lockwire holes are installed in lower right and left corners. Lockwire
is not installed until fuel pump has been calibrated.
(9) Secure spring pack cover and gasket to fuel pump with 12-point head capscrews., flat washers, and
lockwashers. Torque capscrews to 9 - 11 ft lbs (12 - 15 Nm).


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