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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Secure ST-490 reaming fixture to pump housing.
Using a well-oiled 0.750 in. (19.050 mm) reamer, line ream bushing .to 0.7495 - 0.7505
in. (19.0373 - 19.0627 mm).
Clean all metal filing from housing.
Check bushing inside diameter after reaming. Diameter must be less than 0.7525 in.
(19.1135 mm).
If governor barrel (42) shows signs of wear or damage or governor plunger (33) is
damaged, barrel and plunger must be replaced. If plunger is just worn and not
damaged, e.g., scored, the barrel does not have to be replaced.
Inspect governor barrel (42) for wear and other damage.


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