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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
a. Matchmark compressor housing (20), bearing housing (4), V-band clamp (14) and turbine housing (9) to facilitate
realinement during assembly.
b. Remove oil supply fitting (22) and drain fitting (21).
c. Remove compressor wheel rotor locknut (13) while keeping turbine end of rotor shaft from turning.
d. Remove V-band clamps (14).
Discard bolts (14a), washers (14b), and locknuts (14c).
For 1982 and 1984
models, go to step j.1.
e. Secure puller (23) to compressor housing (20) with end of puller bolt in contact with turbine wheel and shaft (8).
f. Pull compressor housing (20), diffuser plate (18), and compressor wheel (12) from bearing housing (4).
g. Remove capscrews (15), lockwashers (16), and flat washers (17) from diffuser plate (18) and compressor housing
h. Remove diffuser plate (18) from compressor housing (20) and lift out compressor wheel (12).
i. Remove and discard O-ring seal (19) on diffuser plate (18).
j. With finge r pressure, push oil seal sleeve (10) out of center of diffuser plate (18).
j.1. Remove compressor housing (20). While rotating opposite end of shaft with socket wrench, remove compressor
wheel (12).
k. Tap end of turbine wheel and shaft (8) to loosen. Remove oil seal sleeve (10) and diffuser plate (18a).
l. Remove oil control ring (11) from oil seal sleeve (10) and discard ring.
Closely examine the manner in which the bearing insert fits the diffuser plate to
ensure proper reassembly.
m. Remove bearing insert (2) from diffuser plate (18a).
n. Remove bearing (3) from bearing housing (4).
o. Remove O-ring (1) from diffuser plate (18a). Discard O-ring.
Change 1 3-375


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