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1-1. SCOPE TM 9-2815-237-34 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Section 1. GENERAL INFORMATION This technical manual contains instructions for direct support and general support maintenance of the  6.2  liter  and  6.5  liter  V-8  diesel  engines. 1-2.  MAINTENANCE  FORMS,  RECORDS,  AND  REPORTS (Army)  Department  of  the  Army  forms  and  procedures  used  for  equipment  maintenance  will  be  those prescribed by DA Pam 738-750, The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS). (Marine Corps) Refer  to  MCO  4855-10. 1-3.  DESTRUCTION  OF  ARMY  EQUIPMENT  TO  PREVENT  ENEMY  USE Procedures  for  destruction  of  Army  tank-automotive  equipment  to  prevent  enemy  use  are  found  in TM  750-244-6. 1-4.  PREPARATION  FOR  STORAGE  AND  SHIPMENT (Army) Refer to TM 740-90-1, Administrative Storage of Equipment and TM 746-10, Marking, Packaging, and Shipment of Supplies and Equipment: General Packaging Instructions for Field Use. (Marine Corps) Refer  to  MCO  4450-7. 1-5.  EQUIPMENT  REQUIRING  CALIBRATION Calibration requirements in this manual cover the fuel injection pump and can be found in paras. 2-33, 2-34, and  2-35  of  this  manual. 1-6.   REPORTING   EQUIPMENT   IMPROVEMENT   RECOMMENDATIONS   (EIRs) (Army)  If  your  6.2  liter  or  6.5  liter  V-8  diesel  engine  needs  improvement,  let  us  know.  Send  us  an  EIR.  You, the  user,  are  the  only  one  who  can  tell  us  what  you  don’t  like  about  your  engine.  Let  us  know  why  you  don’t like the design. Put it on an SF 368 (Quality Deficiency Report). Mail it to us at: commander, U.S. ArmY Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, A’TTN: AMSTA-TR-Q, Warren, Michigan 48397-5000. We’ll send you a reply. (Marine Corps) Submit QDR’s in accordance with MCO 4855-10. 1.7.  EQUIPMENT  IMPROVEMENT  REPORT  AND  MAINTENANCE  DIGEST  (EIR  MD) The quarterly Equipment Improvement Report and Maintenance Digest, TB 43-0001-39 series, contains valuable field information on the equipment covered in this manual. The information in the TB 43-0001-39 series  is  compiled  from  some  of  the  Equipment  Improvement  Reports  that  you  prepared  on  the  engine covered  in  this  manual.  Many  of  these  articles  result  from  comments,  minor  alterations,  proposed  Modifi- cation  Work  Orders  (MWOs),  actions  taken  on  some  of  your  DA  form  2028s  (Recommended  Changes  to Publications), and advance information on proposed changes that may affect this manual. The information will  help  you  in  doing  your  job  better  and  will  help  in  keeping  you  advised  of  the  latest  changes  to  this manual. Also, refer to DA Pam 25-30, Consolidated Index of Amy Publications and Blank Forms, and Appendix  A,  References,  of  this  manual. 1-1


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