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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-32. FUEL INJECTION PUMP REPAIR (Cont’d) 48. Remove two cam roller shoes (2) and two cam rollers (1) from rotor (4). 49. Remove leaf spring adjusting screw (7) and leaf spring (6) from rotor (4). 50.  Remove  two  plungers  (3)  from  rotor  (4). 51.  Install  governor  weight  support  in  vise. CAUTION Do  not  handle  precision  ground  surface  of  rotor  to  avoid contamination. Handle all parts carefully with clean hands wet with calibrating fluid  to  avoid  contamination. 52. Remove rotor (4) from hydraulic head (5) and place rotor (4) in governor weight support. Using 5/32-in.  hex  head  driver,  remove  delivery  valve  stop  plug  (12). 53. Remove head seal (8) from hydraulic head (5). Discard head seal (2). NOTE If  delivery  valve  cannot  be  removed  from  rotor,  delivery  valve extractor  must  be  used. 54. Remove valve stop (11), spring (10), and delivery valve (9) from rotor (4). Discard valve stop (11) and tag  spring  (10)  for  assembly. 2-94


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