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b. Cleaning TM  9-2815-237-34 2-32.   FUEL   INJECTION   PUMP   REPAIR   (Cont’d) CAUTION l Do not handle precision ground surface of rotor to avoid contamination. l Handle all parts carefully with clean hands wet with calibrating fluid  to  avoid  contamination. l Do not immerse hydraulic head in solvent or sealant damage may  result. 1. Clean all fuel injection pump components in accordance with instructions in para. 2-9. 2.  Rinse  hydraulic  head  (1)  and  rotor  (2)  in  calibrating  fluid. c. Inspection NOTE For general inspection instructions, refer to para. 2-10. 1.  Inspect  housing  (5)  for  damage.  Replace  injection  pump  if  damaged. 2. Inspect pilot tube (4) in housing (5) for scoring or damage. If scored or damaged, perform steps 3 through 7, if not, go to step 8. 3. Remove pilot tube (4) and drive shaft bearing (3) from housing (5) using pilot tube mandrel. Discard  pilot  tube  (4). 4. Inspect drive shaft bearing (3) for roughness or damage. Discard if rough or damaged. 2-98


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