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TM 9-2815-237-34 The  1990  6.2L  engine  is  identified  by  a  decal  which  is  adhered  to  the  left  rocker  arm  cover.  The  6.5L engine  is  identified  by  a  serial  number  bar  code  decal. 1-11.  COMPONENT  LOCATION The  locations  of  components  described  below  are  common  to  all  engines  in  the  M998  series  vehicles. Special  differences  are  described  in  para.  1-10. FAN  CLUTCH ROCKER ARM COVERS (2) FUEL INJECTORS (8) OIL FILTER EXHAUST MANIFOLDS (2) OIL PAN TIMING   GEAR   COVER CRANKSHAFT  PULLEY INTAKE  MANIFOLD FUEL INJECTION PUMP WATER  CROSSOVER WATER  PUMP FUEL  PUMP GLOW PLUGS (8) 1-3


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