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NOTE TM  9-2815-237-34 2-32.  FUEL  INJECTION  PUMP  REPAIR  (Cont’d) d.  Assembly CAUTION Handle all parts carefully with clean hands wet with calibrating fluid to avoid contamination. 1. Mount injection pump housing (20) in holding fixture and secure with vise. 2. Lubricate seals (17), (18), and (19) with seal lubricant and install black seal (17) in groove (25), red seal (18) in groove (24) and black seal (19) in groove (23) using drive shaft seal installer. 3. Install thrust button spring (15) and thrust button (14) in drive shaft assembly (16). Note  position  of  timing  mark  on  end  of  drive  shaft  tang  when installing drive shaft assembly. This is necessary to align rotor to  drive  shaft. 4.  Install  drive  shaft  assembly  (16)  in  housing  (20). 5. Install snapring (21) in groove (22) on drive shaft assembly (16). 2-107


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