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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-32.  FUEL  INJECTION  PUMP  REPAIR  [Cont’d) 14. 15. Install  roller-to-roller  setting  tool  in  soft-jaw  vise. Install roller (1) in roller-broiler setting  tool. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. WARNING Always wear eyeshields when using compressed air. Failure to wear  eyeshields  may  result  in  eye  injury. Apply compressed air regulated to 40-100 psi (276-689 kPa) to roller-broiler setting tool. NOTE Increase roller-to-roller dimension 0.006 in. (0.152 mm) if using oversize  cam  ring. Measure roller-to-roller dimension and compare to pump specification 1.981 in. (50.31 mm). NOTE Roller-to-roller dimension is a completely accurate maximum fuel adjustment  and  should  not  differ  from  pump  specification. Turn  leaf  spring  adjusting  screw  (2)  clockwise  to  increase  or  counterclockwise  to  decrease  roller- to-roller   dimension. Rotate  rotor  (1)  until  one  cam  roller  (3)  aligns  with  roller-to-roller  setting  tool  dial  indicator  plunger. Loosen indicator dial retaining screw and set preload by sliding indicator down until plunger depresses  on  cam  roller  (3)  0.015  in.  (0.381  mm).  Tighten  screw. Rotate  dial  on  indicator  to  “zero”  indicator  on  high  point  of  cam  roller  (3). NOTE If  cam  roller  centrality  is  greater  than  0.008  in.  (0.203  mm), cam  shoes  can  be  interchanged  or  replaced  to  achieve  tolerance. Centrality  must  be  rechecked  after  each  time  components  are changed. Measure cam roller centrality by rotating rotor (1) in either direction until high point of other cam  roller  (3)  depressed  dial  indicator  plunger.  Indicator  reading  should  be  0.000  in.  to  0.008  in. (0.000  to  0.203  mm). Rinse hydraulic head (4) with calibrating fluid. Remove  rotor  (1)  from  roller-to-roller  setting  tool  and  rinse  with  calibrating  fluid. Install  rotor  (1)  in  hydraulic  head  (4). 2-110


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