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CAUTION TM 9-2815-237-34 2-32.  FUEL  INJECTION  PUMP  REPAIR  (Cont’d) 29. Install transfer pump end cap seal (2) in hydraulic head (1). Use care when handling rotor weight retainer and hydraulic head before  retainers  are  installed.  Rotor  can  fall  out  and  cause  damage to   components. 30. Install two rotor retainers (3) with cut out portions meeting over roll pin hole in hydraulic head (1). 31. Install liner locating ring (4) on hydraulic head (1) with split 90° from roll pin hole. 32. Install transfer pump liner (5) so slot aligns with roll pin hole in hydraulic head (1). CAUTION Blades must not be cocked during installation. Sharp edge of liner can  score  blade  ends. NOTE l Transfer pump blades are available in standard and oversize. Oversize blades are marked in black and must be used whenever possible. l Oversize and standard transfer pump blades do not have to be used  as  matched  sets. 33. Install two springs (6) in four transfer pump blades (7) and install transfer pump blades (7) in  rotor  (8). 2-112


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