Quantcast (6.5L) FUEL INJECTION PUMPS (DB2831-5485 OR DB2831-5079) CALIBRATION (Contd) - TM-9-2815-237-34_169

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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-140.11 2-35.2.  (6.5L) FUEL INJECTION PUMPS (DB2831-5485 OR DB2831-5079) CALIBRATION (Cont’d) 27. Apply sealing compound as follows: (a) Apply one drop at interface of maximum travel screw and locknut. CAUTION Do not allow sealing compound to enter gap between face cam and housing. Binding of the throttle shaft may result. (b) Apply one drop to threaded end of face cam screw where it protrudes from face cam. (c) Apply one drop to interface of servo advance adjusting screw and rocker lever, ensuring sealing compound does not enter hex recess of screw. 28. Install tamper-proof cap on guide stud.


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