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TM 9-2815-237-34 Change 1          2-140.19 2-35.3.   (6.2L or 6.5L)  FUEL INJECTION PUMPS (DB2829-4523, DB2829-4879, or DB2831-5149) CALIBRATION USING FUEL INJECTION PUMP TEST STAND (FTIS) MODEL A8022 (Cont’d) 1. Set test stand in accordance with the following checklist and instructions in steps 2 through 25. ITEM SETTING Bypass Valve Open Position Calibration Fluid System On Fluid Selector Valve Injection Pump Accumulator Switch Right Fluid Shutoff Valve On Mode Selector Auto Ratio Switch 1:2 Units Switch mm3/stroke Stroke 50 Throttle WOT Number of Outlets 8 Outlet Number Between 1 and 8 Low-Limit Thumbwheel 10.0 Hi-Limit Thumbwheel Limit Thumbwheel 40.0 Pump Rotation Selector Counterclockwise Temperature Select Bulkhead Nominal Temperature Thumbwheel 44.7 Master Power Switch On DC Supply Selector 17.6 Volts Energize Electric Shutoff Solenoid (ESO) Lube Pressure 4.5 to 5.5 psi Lube Oil System Pushbutton On Main Drive Pushbutton On Printer Switch On Speed Select Control Increase/Decrease Control 2. Set fuel injection pump per calibration chart specifications and settings in para. 2-33, 2-34, or 2-35. 3. Secure throttle positioner arm in Wide Open Throttle (WOT) position. 4. Turn calibration fluid pressure regulator fully counterclockwise. 5. Press calibration fluid system on pushbutton. 6. Adjust calibration fluid pressure regulator knob clockwise until 4.5-5.5 psi (31-38 kPa) is indicated on the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor. Apply 17.6 volts by adjusting the variable DC voltage supply knob to energize the electric shutoff solenoid. CAUTION Be aware that under no circumstances should the transfer pump pressure exceed 130 psi (896 kPa). Excess pressure will damage pump. 7. Turn on main drive system by pressing main drive on pushbutton and holding button depressed for a minimum of three seconds. Increase pump speed to approximately 150 rpm to prime transfer pump and bleed air from the high-pressure fuel line nuts at each test nozzle. 8. Increase pump speed to 1000 rpm. Ensure throttle lever is secured in WOT position. Run pump approximately 10 minutes to warm the calibration fluid to 110°-115°F (43.3°-46.1°C) and bleed all air from test stand and fuel pump. Observe transfer pump pressure reading on CRT monitor. It should be 70-76 psi (483-524 kPa).


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