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a. Cleaning 2-142 c. Testing TM 9-2815-237-34 2-37.  FUEL  INJECTION  NOZZLE  REPAIR This  task  covers: a. Cleaning c. Testing b. Inspection INITIAL SETUP: Tools General  Safety  Instructions General  mechanic’s  tool  kit: l Do not place hands or arms near nozzle during automotive (Appendix E, Item 1) testing. l Compressed  air  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not Test  Equipment exceed  30  psi  (207  kPa). Nozzle  tester  (Appendix  E,  Item  31) l Wear  eyeshields  when  using  compressed  air. Manual  References TM 9-2815-237-34P Equipment  Condition Engine disassembled into subassemblies (para.  2-15). Clean  fuel  injection  nozzle  (2)  in  accordance  with  para.  2-9. NOTE For general inspection instructions, refer to para. 2-10. 1.  Inspect  fuel  injection  nozzle  (2)  for  thread  damage.  Replace  if  damaged. 2. Inspect fuel injection nozzle return nipples (1) for damage. Replace fuel injection nozzle (2) if  damaged. 3. Inspect fuel injection nozzle (2) for cracks and evidence of heat damage. Replace if cracked or  damaged. 1.  Preparation. (a)  Connect  fuel  injection  nozzle  (2)  to  tester. (b)  Connect  lines  to  return  line  nipples  (1). Do  not  place  hands  or  arms  near  nozzle  during  testing. Penetrating  force  of  oil  may  cause  serious  injury  or  death. (c)  Close  shutoff  valve  to  pressure  gauge  on  tester. (d) Operate tester to prime nozzle (2). 2.  Obtaining  pressure  check. (a)  Open  shutoff  valve  to  pressure  gauge  1/4  turn. (b) Depress lever on tester slowly. Note at what pressure the needle on pressure gauge stops. Opening pressure must be between 1,500 psi (10,343 kPa) and 1,960 psi (13,514 kPa). Replace nozzle  (2)  if  opening  pressure  does  not  meet  specifications.


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