Quantcast 2-38.  WATER  PUMP  REPAIR

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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-38.  WATER  PUMP  REPAIR This  task  covers: a. Disassembly c.  Inspection b. Cleaning d. Assembly INITIAL  SETUP Tools Manual  References General  mechanic’s  tool  kit: TM 9-2815-237-34P automotive (Appendix E, Item 1) Materials/Parts Equipment Conndition Engine  disassembIed  into  subassemblies Pipe sealing compound (Appendix B, Item 17) (para.  2-15). Sealing compound (Appendix B, Item 18) a.   Disassembly NOTE Perform  steps  1  through  3  if  replacing  water  pump  or  damaged  parts. 1. Loosen hose clamp (3) and remove bypass hose (4) from bypass hose adapter (5). 2. Remove 450 adapter (1) and heater hose nipple (2) from water pump (6). 3.  Remove  bypass  hose  adapter  (5)  from  water  pump  (6). b. Cleaning Clean all components in accordance with para. 2-9. c. Inspection NOTE For  general  inspection  instructions,  refer  to  para.  2-10. 1. Inspect heater hose nipple (2), 45° adapter (l), and bypass hose adapter (5) for thread damage. Replace  if  threads  are  damaged. 2. Inspect water pump (6) for cracks and wear. Replace if cracked or worn. 3. Inspect threaded holes in water pump (6) for damage. Replace water pump (6) if threads are damaged. 4.  Inspect  bypass  hose  (4)  for  damage.  Replace  if  damaged. 5. Inspect water pump rivet (7) for damage or looseness. Replace if damaged or loose. Apply sealing compound  to  replacement  rivet  prior  to  installation. d.  Assembly 1. Coat threads on 45° adapter (1) and heater hose nipple (2) with pipe sealing compound and install in  pump  (6). 2. Coat threads on bypass hose adapter (5) with pipe sealing compound and install in water pump (6). 3. Install bypass hose (4) on bypass hose adapter (5) and secure with hose clamp (3). NOTE Perform  step  4  if  water  pump  was  replaced. 4. Apply sealing compound to water pump rivet (7) and install in water pump (6). 2-144


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