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TM  9-2815-237-34 c. Bearings. See TM 9-214. d. Studs. Replace all bent and stretched studs. Repair minor thread damage with a thread restorer file. Replace  studs  having  stripped  or  damaged  threads  as  outlined  below: (1) Remove, using a stud remover. Back studs out slowly to avoid heat buildup and seizure which can  cause  stud  to  break  off. (2) If studs break off too short to use with a stud remover, use extractor to remove. (3) Replacement studs have a special coating and must have a small amount of antiseize compound (Appendix B, Item 3) applied on threads before stud is installed. Install replacement stud slowly to prevent heat buildup and snapping off. e. Gears. (1) Remove  gears  using  pullers,  as  required. (2) Use the same methods described in paragraph 2-11.b.(2) for castings tO remove  minor  nicks, burrs,  or  scratches  on  gear  teeth. (3) If keyways are worn or enlarged, replace gear. f. Bushings and BushingType Bearings.  When bushings and bushing-type bearings seize to a shaft  and  spin  in  the  bore,  the  associated  part  must  also  be  inspected  and  replaced,  as  required. g. Oil Seals. (1) Remove oil seals, being careful not to damage casting or adapter bore. (2) Always install new seal in bore using proper seal replacing tool. h. Cylinder Block or Cylinder Head. Repair of cylinder block and cylinder head is limited to procedures outlined in paragraphs 2-16 and 2-21. Cylinder block or cylinder head must be replaced if measurements  are  outside  tolerance  limits  listed  in  table  2-2  or  table  2-3. 2-12.   ASSEMBLY a. Cleanliness is essential in all component assembly operations. Dirt and dust, even in minute quantities,  are  abrasive.  Parts  must  be  cleaned  as  specified,  and  kept  clean.  Wrap  or  cover  parts  and components  when  assembly  procedures  are  not  immediately  completed. b. Coat all bearings and contact surfaces with engine oil (MIL-L-2104) to ensure lubrication of parts during  initial  operation  after  repair. c. Use new gaskets and preformed packings during assembly of all components. 2-6


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