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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-41.  ENGINE  ASSEMBLY  FROM  SUBASSEMBLIES  (Cont’d) 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. NOTE The gauging plastic shall be positioned the full width of the bear- ing and centered on the bearing journal when the bearing cap is  installed. Position gauging plastic on bearing journal (3) the fill width of the bearing (4) and parallel to the center  line  of  the  crankshaft. NOTE Identification numbers on connecting rods and rod caps must be installed  on  the  same  side. Check identification number on side of connecting rod (6) and install corresponding rod cap (2). Secure  rod  cap  (2)  to  connecting  rod  (6)  with  two  nuts  (1)  and  tighten  to  44-52  lb-ft  (60-71  N•m). Remove  two  nuts  (1)  and  rod  cap  (2)  from  connecting  rod  (6). Measure  gauging  plastic  at  its  widest  point. If the gauging plastic tapers toward the middle or ends, there is a difference in clearance indicating taper, low spot, or irregularity of bearing or crankshaft journal. If gauging plastic indicates more than 0.001 in. (0.025 mm) taper, measure crankshaft journal with micrometer (para. 2-17). NOTE It  is  acceptable  to  use  a  standard  bearing  with  a  0.001  in. (0.025 mm) undersize bearing to obtain the proper rod bearing clearance.  If  unable  to  produce  proper  clearance,  replace crankshaft. If the measurement is within specification, 0.002-0.004 in. (0.051-0.102 mm) bearing is satisfactory. If measurement is not within specifications, a 0.001 in. (0.025 mm) undersize bearing may produce proper  bearing  clearance.  Replace  bearings  and  repeat  steps  9  through  15. Remove  gauging  plastic. Apply OE/HDO to rod bearings. Check identification number on side of connecting rod (6) and install  corresponding  rod  cap  (2). Secure  rod  cap  (2)  to  connecting  rod  (6)  with  two  nuts  (1)  and  tighten  to  44-52  lb-ft  (60-71  N•m). Rotate  crankshaft  (5)  to  ensure  crankshaft  (5)  rotates. Repeat  steps  2  through  19  for  remaining  pistons  and  connecting  rods. 2-160


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