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2-173 CAUTION TM 9-2815-237-34 2-41.  ENGINE  ASSEMBLY  FROM  SUBASSEMBLIES  (Cont’d) o. Cylinder Heads 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Head gasket must be used without sealer. Additional sealant may cause  leaks  or  damage  to  engine. Install  head  gasket  (11)  over  dowel  pins  (12)  on  cylinder  block  (7). Clean threads of capscrews (10) with a wire brush to remove old pipe sealing compound. Apply pipe sealing  compound  to  threads  of  capscrews  (10). CAUTION Failure to tighten cylinder head capscrews in proper sequence may result  in  leaks  or  damage  to  cylinder  head. Install cylinder head (9) on cylinder block (7) with seventeen capscrews (10). Tighten capscrews (10) to  20  lb-ft  (27  N•m),  following  torque  sequence  shown. Tighten  seventeen  capscrews  (10)  to  50  lb-ft  (68  N•m),  following  torque  sequence  shown. NOTE Mark  capscrews  after  torque  turn  to  prevent  retightening. Tighten seventeen capscrews (10) an additional 90°, following torque sequence shown and mark capscrews  (10). Repeat  steps  1  through  5  for  opposite  side. TORQUE  SEQUENCE


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