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B-1. SCOPE B-1 TM   9-2815-237-34 APPENDIX B EXPENDABLE/DURABLE  SUPPLIES  AND  MATERIALS  LIST Section  I.  INTRODUCTION This appendix lists expendable/durable supplies and materials you will need to maintain pre 1990 and 1990 and above 6.2L engines and 6.5L engines. These items are authorized to you by CTA 50-970, Expendable Items (except Medical, Class V, Repair Parts, and Heraldic Items). B-2.   EXPLANATION   OF   COLUMNS a. Column (1) - Item Number.  This  number  is  assigned  to  each  entry  in  the  listing  and  is  referenced  in  the "initial Setup” of applicable tasks under the heading of Materials/Parts/” b. Column (2)- Level.  This  column  identifies  the  lowest  level  of  maintenance  that  requires  the  listed  item. C   -    Operator/Crew O   -    Unit  Maintenance F   - Direct  Support  Maintenance H   -    General  Support  Maintenance c. Column (3) - National Stock Number. This is the National stock number assigned to the item; use it to request  or  requisition  the  item. d. Column (4) - Description. Indicates the Federal  item  name  and,  if  required,  a  description  to  identify  the item.  The  last  line  for  each  item  listing  indicates  the  Commercial  and  Government  Entity  Code  (CAGEC)  in parentheses  followed  by  the  part  number. e. Column (5) - Unit of Measure (U/M).  Indicates the measure used in performing the actual maintenance function.  This  measure  is  expressed  by  an  alphabetical  abbreviation  (QT,  GAL.).  If  the  unit  of  mesdure  differs from  the  unit  of  issue,  requisition  the  lowest  unit  of  issue  that  will  satisfy  your  requirements.


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