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F-1 GENERAL TM 9-2815-237-34 APPENDIX F TORQUE LIMITS This  section  provides  general  torque  limits  for  screws  used  on  the  M998  series  vehicles.  Special  torque  limits are indicated in the maintenance procedures for applicable components. The general torque limits given in this appendix shall be used when specific torque limits are not indicated in the maintenance procedure. Unless  otherwise  specified,  standard  torque  tolerance  shall  be  ±  10  percent.  These  general  torque  limits cannot  be  applied  to  screws  that  retain  rubber  components.  The  rubber  components  will  be  damaged  before the correct torque limit is reached. If a special torque limit is not given in the maintenance instructions, tighten  the  screw  or  nut  until  it  touches  the  metal  bracket,  then  tighten  it  one  more  turn. F-2. TORQUE LIMITS Table  F-1  lists  dry  torque  limits.  Dry  torque  limits  are  used  on  screws  that  do  not  have  lubricants  applied  to the  threads.  Table  F-2  lists  wet  torque  limits.  Wet  torque  limits  are  used  on  screws  that  have  high  pressure lubricants  applied  to  the  threads. F-3. HOW TO USE TORQUE TABLE a. Measure the diameter of the screw you  are  installing. c.  Under  the  heading  SIZE,  look  down  the  left-hand column until you find the diameter of the screw you are installing (there will usually be two lines beginning  with  the  same  size). d.  In  the  second  column  under  SIZE,  find  the  number of threads per inch that matches the number of threads  you  counted  in  step  b. CAPSCREW  HEAD  MARKINGS Manufacturer’s  marks  may  vary. These are all SAE Grade 5 (3-line). e. lb find the grade of screw you are installing, match he markings on the head to the correct picture of CAPSCREW HEAD MARKINGS on the torque table. f.  Look  down  the  column  under  the  picture  you  found in  step  e.  until  you  find  the  torque  limit  (in  lb-ft  or N•m)  for  the  diameter  and  threads  per  inch  of  the screw  you  are  installing. b. Count the number of threads per  inch. F-1


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