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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-10 Change 1 2-15.   ENGINE DISASSEMBLY INTO SUBASSEMBLIES This task covers: a. Fan Drive and Water Pump Pulley b. Crankshaft Pulley c. Torsional Damper c.1.  Wastegate Actuator c.2.  Wastegate Housing c.3.  Manifold-to-Turbocharger Exhaust Pipe c.4.  Turbocharger d. Exhaust Manifolds e. Intake Manifold f. Water Crossover g. Fuel Injection Lines h. Fuel Supply and Return Lines i. Modulator Link j. Rocker Arm Covers k. Rocker Arm Shafts and Pushrods l. Fuel Injection Nozzles m. Glow Plugs n. Cylinder Heads o. Valve Lifters p. Water Pump and Adapter Plate q. Fuel Injection Pump r. Timing Gear Cover s. Timing Chain and Drive Sprockets t. Oil Filter, Adapter, and Oil Pressure Sending Unit u. Oil Pan v. Oil Pump w. Fuel Pump x. Oil Pump Drive y. Camshaft z. Pistons and Connecting Rods aa. Flywheel bb. Crankshaft and Main Bearings Personnel Required One mechanic One assistant Equipment Condition Engine mounted on repair stand (para. 2-14). General Safety Instructions •  Do not perform this procedure near fire, flame, or sparks. •  Gaskets installed on some 6.2L engines assembled prior to 1991 may contain asbestos. Gaskets should be disposed of IAW current directives. a.  Fan Drive and Water Pump Pulley NOTE It may be necessary to apply compressed air to fan drive fitting. This disengages fan drive and allows access to socket head capscrews. 1. Position pry bar between water pump pulley (3) and crankshaft pulley (6) and apply pressure. INITIAL SETUP: Tools General mechanic’s tool kit: automotive (Appendix E, Item  1) Puller (Appendix E, Item 19) Cylinder ridge reamer (Appendix E, Item 11) Dial indicator (Appendix E, Item 10) Special Tools Hydraulic valve lifter remover (Appendix E, Item 4) Injection nozzle socket (Appendix E, Item 5) Glow plug socket (Appendix E, Item 6) Hex-head driver, 6 mm (Appendix E, Item 7) Hex-head driver, 8 mm (Appendix E, Item 8) Hex-head driver, 5/16-in. (Appendix E, Item 9) NOTE • Work area should be clean, well-ventilated, and free from blowing dirt and dust. • In some cases, flanged head fasteners may be present instead of standard fasteners and washers. In all cases, washers should be used when replacing a flanged head fastener with a standard fastener. • Disassembly procedures for pre-1990, 1990 and above 6.2L and 6.5L engines are basically the same. Any differences in procedures are noted. Refer to para. 1-10 to determine engine model before ordering replacement parts.


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