Quantcast g. Fuel Injection Lines

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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-15.  ENGINE  DISASSEMBLY  INTO  SUBASSEMBLIES  (Cont’d) g. Fuel Injection Lines WARNING Diesel fuel is highly flammable. Do not perform this procedure near  fire,  flame,  or  sparks.  Severe  injury  or  death  by  result. 1. Loosen and disconnect eight fuel injection line nuts (4) at injection nozzles (3). 2.  Remove  four  screw-assembled  washers  (5)  and  clamps  (6)  from  support  brackets  (2). CAUTION Plug fuel injection pump openings to prevent contamination. NOTE Tag lines by cylinder number for assembly. 3. Remove clamp (8) and boot (9) from fuel injection pump (1). Disconnect and remove eight fuel injection  lines  (7)  at  fuel  injection  pump  (1). 2-16


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