Quantcast p.  Water Pump and Adapter Plate

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TM 9-2815-237-34 Change 1 2-25 2-15.   ENGINE DISASSEMBLY INTO SUBASSEMBLIES (Cont’d) p.  Water Pump and Adapter Plate 1. Remove two nuts (6), washers (7), and oil fill tube (8) from adapter plate (9). 2. Remove two studs (10), (14), and (17), four capscrews (18), washers (11), two capscrews (15), capscrew (16), water pump (13), and adapter plate (9) from timing gear cover (12). .WARNING. Gaskets installed on some 6.2L engines assembled prior to 1991 may contain asbestos.  Gaskets should be removed with a scraper or putty knife and then be disposed of IAW current directives. Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause respiratory ailments. 3. Remove seven capscrews (20) from water pump (13) and separate water pump (13) and gasket (19) from adapter plate (9). Discard gasket (19).


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