Quantcast s. Timing Chain and Drive Sprockets

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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-15.  ENGINE  DISASSEMBLY  INTO  SUBASSEMBLIES  (Cont’d) s. Timing Chain and Drive Sprockets NOTE When measuring timing chain deflection, slack should be removed from  one  side  before  measurement  is  taken  on  opposite  side. 1. Using dial indicator, check timing chain (10) deflection midway between camshaft sprocket (4) and crankshaft  sprocket  (11).  Total  deflection  must  not  exceed  0.810-in.  (20.6  mm).  If  deflection  exceeds specification, timing chain (10) must be replaced. 2. Using dial indicator, check camshaft end play. Camshaft end play must not be more than 0.012-in. (0.3  mm).  If  end  play  exceeds  specification,  camshaft  sprocket  (4),  thrust  plate  (7),  and  spacer  must be  inspected  for  wear  after  removal. 3.  Remove  capscrew  (1),  washer  (2),  and  pump  drive  gear  (3)  from  camshaft  (5). 4. Remove crankshaft sprocket (11), camshaft sprocket (4), and timing chain (10) as an assembly. NOTE Cover  oil  pan  opening  to  prevent  woodruff  key  from  falling  into  oil  pan. 5. Remove woodruff key (8) from crankshaft (9) and woodruff key (6) from camshaft  (5). Discard woodruff  keys  (8)  and  (6). 2-28


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