Quantcast 2-17.   CRANKSHAFT   REPAIR

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a. Cleaning b. Inspection c. Repair TM 9-2815-237-34 2-17.   CRANKSHAFT   REPAIR This  task  covers: a. Cleaning c.  Repair b. Inspection INITIAL SETUP Tools Equipment Condition General  mechanic’s  tool  kit: Engine   disassembled automotive  (Appendix  E,  Item  1) (para.  2-15). Micrometer (Appendix E, Item 16) Materials/Parts Abrasive crocus cloth (Appendix B, Item 5) Manual  References TM 9-2815-237-34P into   subassemblies 1. Clean all drilled oil passages (5) with a rod and cloth. 2.  Refer  to  para.  2-9  for  additional  cleaning  information. NOTE For  general  inspection  instructions,  refer  to  para.  2-10. 1. Inspect crankshaft (1) for scratches, nicks, and cracks. Replace if scratched, nicked, or cracked. 2. Check main bearing journals (4) and connecting rod journals (6) for taper, out-of-round, and diameter using an outside micrometer. Replace crankshaft (1) if any bearing journal is tapered, out-of-round,  or  out  of  specifications  (table  2-2  or  2-3). 3. Inspect rear seal area (3) for roughness, scoring, grooving, flaking, pitting, and galling. Replace crankshaft  (1)  if  rough,  scored,  grooved,  flaked,  pitted,  or  galled. 4. Inspect threaded holes (2) and (7) in crankshaft (1) for damage. Replace crankshaft (1) if threads are  damaged. Buff all minor nicks and scratches using abrasive crocus cloth. 2-52


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