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a. Cleaning TM 9-2815-237-34 2-23.  TORSIONAL  DAMPER  REPAIR This  task  covers: a. Cleaning b. Inspection INITIAL SETUP: Tools Equipment  Condition General  mechanic’s  tool  kit: Engine  disassembled  into  subassemblies automotive (Appendix E, Item 1) (para.  2-15). Manual  References TM   9-2815-237-34P Clean  torsional  damper  (1)  in  accordance  with  para.  2-9. b.  Inspection NOTE For  general  inspection  instructions,  refer  to  para.  2-10. 1. Inspect capscrew holes (4) for thread damage. Replace torsional damper (1) if threads are damaged. 2. Inspect front cover seal mating surface (2) for damage. Replace torsional damper (1) if damaged. 3. Inspect rubber insulator (3) between inner ring and torsional damper housing for cracks or damage. Replace  torsional  damper  (1)  if  cracked  or  damaged. 2-74


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