Quantcast 2-27.  OIL  PUMP  REPAIR

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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-27.  OIL  PUMP  REPAIR This  task  covers: a. Disassembly c.  Inspection b. Cleaning d. Assembly INITIAL  SETUP: Tools Equipment  Condition General  mechanic’s  tool  kit: Engine   disassembled automotive  (Appendix  E,  Item  1) (para.  2-15). Hammer,  soft  head  (Appendix  E,  Item  30) Materials/Parts Lubricating oil, OE/HDO (Appendix B, Item  13) Manual  References into   subassemblies TM 9-2815-237-34P a. Disassembly 1. Remove shaft extension (10) and coupling (9) from pump body (8). 2. Remove four capscrews (3) and pump cover (5) from pump body (8). 3. Mark drive gear (7) and idler gear (6) for assembly and remove. 4.  Remove  retaining  pin  (4),  regulator  spring  (l),  and  pressure  regulator  valve  (2). b. Cleaning Clean  all  components  in  accordance  with  para.  2-9. c. Inspection NOTE l For general inspection instructions, refer to para. 2-10. l Pump body, pump cover, and pump gears are not serviced separately.  If  any  of  these  parts  require  replacement,  replace entire  oil  pump. 1. Inspect pump body (8) and pump cover (5) for damage. Replace oil pump if damaged. 2. Inspect drive gear (7) and idler gear (6) for damage. Replace oil pump if damaged. 3. Inspect regulator valve (2) for scoring or nicks. Replace if scored or nicked. 4.  Inspect  regulator  spring  (1)  for  damage.  Replace  if  damaged. 5. Inspect shaft extension (10) and coupling (9) for damage. Replace if damaged. 2-78


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