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TM 9--2815--247--34 0015 00--13 INTAKE AND EXHAUST VALVE AND METERING PUMP TIMING -- CONTINUED 0015 00 Adjust -- Continued WARNING Hold wrench securely when turning camshaft as spring pressure from the valve springs can throw the wrench from your hand and cause an injury. CAUTION Move the camshaft slowly and do not force the camshaft or damage to engine may occur. It may be necessary to turn camshaft counterclockwise a small amount before valve closing point can be determined by turning the cam- shaft clockwise. 8.   Slowly turn camshaft assembly (26) clockwise, as viewed from flywheel end, until No. 6R intake valve is just closed. Closing point is determined by trying to rotate the valve adjusting screw pad (17) on the intake valve ad- justing screw (16) while the camshaft is being rotated.   The valve is closed the instant the valve adjusting screw pad (17) is free to move. Figure 9 17 16 26


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