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TM 9--2815--247--34 0015 00--23 INTAKE AND EXHAUST VALVE AND METERING PUMP TIMING -- CONTINUED 0015 00 Adjust -- Continued CAUTION Do not force shouldered shaft while installing. Damage to the shouldered shaft and gears may occur. The shoul- dered shaft is machined with a 24-- tooth spline on inner end, and a 28--tooth spline on outer end. The difference in number of teeth provides a vernier effect which makes it possible to index the shouldered shaft so it will engage the splines of the inner bevel gearshaft and the outer bev- el gearshaft at some point within 360°. An accurate set- ting is then provided without changing the relationship of the camshaft and the crankshaft. NOTE It may be necessary to repeat the following operation a number of times before splines will mate and allow shoul- dered shaft to be inserted into position. 24. Maintain the position of camshaft assembly (31) and insert shouldered shaft (30), using mechanical puller (23), and mate splines on lower and upper bevel gearshaft (28). If splines of shouldered shaft (30) do not mate with lower and upper bevel gearshaft (28), withdraw shouldered shaft (30) and turn slightly before again attempting insertion. Figure 10 23 30 28 31


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