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TM 9--2815--247--34 ENGINE PRESERVATION 0020 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Engine Preservation Engine Preservation Equip an auxiliary fuel container with a fuel line and fill with a sufficient amount of preservative oil, conforming to Specification VV--L--800, to operate the engine as prescribed below. Arrange the container to provide adequate pressure to assure proper supply of the preservative oil to the fuel system. Disconnect the fuel line at the most con- venient point nearest to the engine fuel pump and connect the line from the auxiliary fuel container to the fuel--to-- engine line at the point of disconnect. Disconnect the engine fuel return line and connect a transparent plastic tube to the fuel return connection. Insert other end of plastic tube into a container to collect the return diesel fuel. The fuel valve on the auxiliary fuel container shall be turned to the “ON” position; the engine started and operated at 750--1000 RPM until observed fuel return is purged of diesel fuel and the system filled with preservative oil. Re- move engine from test stand and cap or plug all openings. END OF TASK 0020 00--1/2 blank


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