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TM 9--2815--247--34 0026 00--8 ROCKER ARM COVER ASSEMBLY REPLACEMENT -- CONTINUED 0026 00 Installation 1.   Rotate crankshaft until two camshaft lobes (37) for intake and exhaust valves are pointed towards the crankshaft. Figure 9 INTAKE EXHAUST 37 37 2.   Apply a light film of sealant on mating surface of valve rocker arm cover assembly (13). CAUTION Identifying numbers on rocker arm cover assembly and cylinder must correspond. Camshaft bearing half must be installed in cover. Valve rocker arm rollers must con- tact base circle of camshaft and lip of preformed inter-- cylinder sleeves must not be folded under rocker arm cover assembly. 3.   Tap rocker arm cover assembly (13) gently to position rocker arm cover assembly (13) over pins (38). Figure 5 38 38 13


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