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TM 9--2815--247--34 0002 00--1 LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION 0002 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Location and Description LOCATION OF ENGINE COMPONENTS In this manual, the terms defined below will be used to identify the location of parts and assemblies on the engine. The ends of the engine will be called the “damper end” or “front” and the “flywheel end” or “rear”. As viewed from the front end toward the rear, the side to the right will be called the “right side” and the side to the left will be called the “left side”. Beginning at the front, the right bank of cylinders is numbered 1R through 6R and the left bank of cylinders is numbered 1L through 6L. Starting from the front, the main bearings are numbered 1 through 7. The cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, and connecting rod bearings are numbered with their respective cylinder number locations. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The engine (Figures 1--1 through 1--5) is a 12--cylinder, 90 degree, V--type, 4--cycle, air--cooled turbosupercharged diesel. The cylinder assemblies are individually replaceable units with overhead valves and valve rocker assem- blies in the head. The cylinders are arranged in two banks of six cylinders each. Each bank of cylinders has an overhead camshaft arrangement to actuate the valves of each cylinder. The engine features a fuel injection system and a turbosupercharged air induction system which obtains optimum engine performance. The fuel injection system has a fuel metering pump which supplies metered fuel to individual cylinders through fuel injector nozzles. The fuel supply pump assembly (Figure 1--1) located at the front of the en- gine draws fuel through the primary and secondary fuel systems from the vehicle fuel tanks and delivers it to the metering pump. A turbosupercharger assembly (Figures 1--3 and 1--4) is located on each side of the engine at the rear. The turbosuperchargers are exhaust--gas driven and increase the air flow pressure entering the air intake manifolds (Figure 1--1). The engine is equipped with a 28--volt oil--cooled direct--current generator (Figure 1--1) capable of 650 ampere out- put over the engine operating range. The generator produces an alternating current which is rectified within the unit to give a direct current to the output terminals. The engine has a 24--volt solenoid--operated starter (Figure 1--3). A low voltage sensing module prevents starter activation with improperly charged batteries. The engine is lubricated by a forced--feed system. The system consists of four circuits; i.e., the scavenge circuit, the main or pressure oil circuit, the leveling circuit, and the make up circuit. These circuits are operated indepen- dently by one oil pump which consists of four separate sections. The engine is equipped with two intake manifold heaters (Figure 1--3) which are installed in the air intake systems between the aftercooler bypass and the turbosuperchargers. The heaters, when operated, preheat the air entering the cylinders to facilitate cold weather starting and cold weather idle operation. The engine is equipped with an aftercooler and an aftercooler bypass. The bypass uses a valve system that oper- ates as follows; an unrestricted airflow path exists during initial transient response. At steady state, full load condi- tions where engine thermal loading is at its maximum, the valve directs all induction air through the aftercooler, pro- viding maximum aftercooler effectiveness and minimum manifold temperature. The engine crankcase is vented by an enclosed crankcase breather system which is vented through the crankcase breather tube (Figure 1--3) at the left turbosupercharger exhaust pipe. The engine fuel/water separator--type secondary and primary fuel filters (Figures 1--1 and 1--2) both have top mounted bleeder valves to assist in the removal of air from the fuel system. Water is removed automatically by a constant bleed orifice in the primary fuel filter and an automatic water drain in the fuel/water separator filter.


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