Quantcast Test -- Continued - TM-9-2815-247-34_214

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TM 9--2815--247--34 0036 00--5 FUEL INJECTOR NOZZLE AND HOLDER REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0036 00 Test -- Continued 5.   Close the pressure gauge valve (17) and actuate the pump handle (18) rapidly (approximately 25 strokes per min- ute) to expel air from nozzle and holder (3). NOTE When testing to determine the serviceability of USED nozzles, if the valve opening pressure is between 3550 psi (24477 kPa) and 3950 psi (27235 kPa), proceed to items 7 and 8 below. If both the spray pattern and leak- age are acceptable, reinstall the nozzles in the engine. If the valve opening pressure is less than 3550 psi (24477 kPa), proceed to perform item 6. This note is applicable when troubleshooting or repairing an engine. 6.   Check valve opening pressure. a.   Open pressure gauge valve (17) and actuate tester slowly to raise pressure. When nozzle opens, gauge (19) pressure must be between 3850 psi (26546 kPa) and 3950 psi (27235 kPa) (maximum) for NEW or REBUILT nozzles which will be put into service. b.   If the proper gauge reading is not achieved, nozzle and holder (3) must be disassembled and spring adjusting shims added or removed to obtain the proper pressure reading. Perform this work package and repeat test. 7.   Check nozzle spray pattern. a.   Close pressure gauge valve (17) and actuate tester so that one stroke of the handle (18) takes approximately two seconds. b.   The spray pattern must have ten individual sprays. The amount of spray from each must be uniform and angles between the sprays must be uniform. 3 14 18 19 20 15 17


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