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TM 9--2815--247--34 0036 00--9 FUEL INJECTOR NOZZLE AND HOLDER REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0036 00 Cleaning WARNING CAUTION Do not use sharp tools, wire brushes or abrasive materi- als to clean the nozzle valve or nozzle body. Do not clean orifices with cleaning wire as this method will distort nozzle orifices and also may block opening due to wire breakage. 1.   Soak nozzle valve (27) and nozzle body (28) in carbon removing compound to remove major carbon deposits. Remaining carbon deposits should be removed using a soft cloth or felt pad and mutton tallow. A piece of soft wood soaked in oil may also be used as a carbon remover. 2.   Make sure spray orifices in nozzle tip (26) are clear. CAUTION Be sure hands are kept free from accumulation of grease which will cause collection of dust and grit on parts. 3.   Clean all remaining nozzle and holder parts. Refer to WP 0012 00. 4.   Cover or wrap all parts after cleaning to protect them from dirt accumulation. Figure 34 26 27 28


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