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TM 9--2815--247--34 0039 00--3 FUEL METERING PUMP ASSEMBLY REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0039 00 Removal -- Continued CAUTION The fuel metering pump coupling sleeves and hubs must be identified with identical marks to prevent mis--mating of parts. The sleeves and hubs are matched for each assembly and must not be interchanged between assem- blies. 8.   Turn flywheel (17), using turning tool (18), until fuel metering pump coupling sleeves (19 and 20) are aligned in position shown using identification marks (21). 9.   Remove timing hole plug (22) and look for white tooth in hole. If tooth is not visible, rotate engine with turning tool (18) another 360_ until tooth is visible. 10. Stamp identification marks (21) on both coupling sleeves (19 and 20). NOTE Rotate engine enough to remove unaccessible bolt from coupling. Remove bolt from coupling then rotate engine back to previous location -- (with tooth visible in inspec- tion hole and timing markers aligned). 11. Remove four bolts (23), four lock washers (24), and four spacers (25). If coupling sleeve is to be replaced, retain lockwashers for testing. Otherwise, discard lockwashers. 12. Separate coupling sleeves (19 and 20). Figure 35 17 18 19 20 21 25 24 23 22


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