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TM 9--2815--247--34 0004 00--11 THEORY OF OPERATION -- CONTINUED 0004 00 COOLING SYSTEM -- CONTINUED Fan Drive and Clutch  The fan clutch is oil--cooled (Figure 1--11). The fan clutch drive and driven disks are loaded by the centrifugal action of clutch balls and springs housed in the clutch assembly. The balls and springs are in the driven member and apply upward force to the clutch disks. The clutch oil enters the fan drive vertical shaft from the fan drive housing through an annular groove in the shaft. The oil flows through a central hole in the shaft to a distributor where it is dispersed to the ball bearings and to the clutch disks. The oil moves between the clutch disks by centrifugal action and drains back through the fan drive housing into the engine oil pan. Engine and Transmission Oil Coolers  All transmission and engine oil cooling is accomplished by external oil coolers (Figure 1--1). The oil coolers are located on the sides of the engine above the cylinders. Air is drawn through the oil coolers by the cooling fans. A thermostatic control valve in each oil cooler controls the temperature of the oil from the cooler by permitting cold oil to bypass the coolers. This valve also permits oil to bypass the cool- er in the event that the cooler becomes clogged. CLUTCH UPPER BALL BEARING DOUBLE LIP OIL SEAL COOLING FAN COOLING FAN CLUTCH ASSEMBLY OIL FROM MAIN OIL GALLERY OIL DRAIN HORIZONTAL FAN DRIVE SHAFT VERTICAL FAN DRIVE SHAFT OIL DRAIN CLUTCH LOWER BALL BEARING Figure 1--11. Mechanical Cooling Fan Clutch


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