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TM 9--2815--247--34 0059 00--7 CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY REPLACEMENT -- CONTINUED 0059 00 Installation -- Continued 1.   Rotate maintenance stand so cylinder head assembly (1) is horizontal. 2.   Apply sealant to new preformed packing (15). 3.   Install new preformed packing (15) on cylinder head assembly (1) base making sure that preformed packing is not twisted or otherwise improperly seated. 4.   Coat sides of piston (11) with lubricant. 5.   Stagger the four piston ring gaps 90 degrees apart from each other and ensure ring gaps do not line up with pis- ton pin (13). 6.   Install piston and rings (11) in cylinder head assembly (1) using piston ring compressor (16). The piston position number must always correspond to the cylinder number marked on intake valve side of valve rocker flange. The arrow on the piston boss must be directed toward the exhaust port outlet. 7.   Guide piston and rings (11) into cylinder head assembly (1) until all piston rings have entered the cylinder bore. 8.   Slide the piston ring compressor (16) from piston and ring assembly (11). Figure 8 1 15 16 11 RING GAP RING GAP RING GAP RING GAP 11 13


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