Quantcast Inspection -- Continued - TM-9-2815-247-34_391

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TM 9--2815--247--34 0061 00--6 CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0061 00 Inspection -- Continued 3.   Inspect valve seat inserts (19 and 20) for cracks, pitted surfaces, or looseness. NOTE If inserts are cracked, loose, or damaged beyond repair, the cylinder must be replaced. 4.   Lightly blue face of two valve seat inserts (19 and 20) with Prussian blue and place a new valve (9 and 13) into position on valve seat insert. 5.   Rotate valves (9 and 13) one--half turn on insert and check for Prussian blue contact. Valve seat inserts (19 and 20) must show contact all around (360°), as indicated by Prussian blue transfer, to qualify as serviceable valve seat inserts (19 and 20). NOTE Valve seat may be made serviceable by grinding. NOTE Measure cylinder bore (21) at room temperature. Standard and oversize cylinder assemblies are identified by the steel stamped part number located on cooling fan shroud bracket mounting flange on exhaust port side of the cylinder assembly (22). Figure 9 INTAKE EXHAUST 19 20 9 13 21 22


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