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TM 9--2815--247--34 0061 00--10 CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0061 00 Repair -- Continued 6.   Check valve guide bores in cylinder head assembly (1). If not within the following limits, cylinder head assembly (1) must be replaced. POINT OF MEASUREMENT SIZES AND FITS OF NEW PARTS inches (mm) WEAR LIMITS Outside diameter of intake valve guide 0.6890 (17.5006) 0.6895 (17.5133) none Inside diameter of intake valve guide bore in cylinder head 0.6870 (17.4498) 0.6880 (17.4752) none Fit of intake valve guide in bore 0.0010T (0.0254) 0.0025T (0.0635) none Outside diameter of exhaust valve guide 0.7525 (19.1135) 0.7530 (19.1262) none Inside diameter of exhaust valve guide bore in cylinder 0.7495 (19.0373) 0.7505 (19.0627) none Fit of exhaust valve guide in bore 0.0020T (0.0508) 0.0035T (0.0889) none WARNING WARNING 7.   Heat cylinder assembly to 350°F (176°C) maximum and chill valve guides for one hour minimum in dry ice or three hours minimum at --40°F (--40°C) before installing. NOTE The intake and exhaust valve guides are installed in the cylinder in the same manner. A separate replacer is used for each. Figure 5 1


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