Quantcast Inspection -- Continued - TM-9-2815-247-34_455

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TM 9--2815--247--34 0067 00--8 CRANKSHAFT BEARINGS AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPLACEMENT -- CONTINUED 0067 00 Inspection -- Continued 15. Starting at No. 4 main thrust bearing, check and record the height of each of the four studs (14) using a flat sur- face plate (21) and dial indicator (22). CAUTION Do not disturb indicator setting or position as it will be needed for checking stud stretch later. 16. Alternately torque four slotted nuts (16) to 41 lb--ft (55.5 NSm), then alternately torque to 58--69 lb--ft (78.6--93 NSm). Figure 2 21 22 14 16 CAUTION All studs which exceed the stretch limits at less than 58 lb--ft (78.6 NSm) must be replaced. Refer to WP 0012 00. All studs that exceed the stretch limits above 58 lb--ft (78.6 NSm) must be loosened and re--torqued using step16. Re--torquing any single stud is not allowable. The adja- cent stud must also be loosened and re--torqued in se- quence. NOTE Stud stretch is defined as the difference between the orig- inal height recorded in 15 above, and the height observed after nuts have been torque tightened.


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