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TM 9--2815--247--34 0069 00--5 PISTONS, RINGS, AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0069 00 Inspection -- Continued NOTE If Zyglo penetrant kit is available, use of the Zyglo method is preferable. Small cracks will show under the light as irregular or dark streaks. 3.   Inspect piston (10) for cracks, flaws or distortion, using a magnifying glass and a strong light. 4.   Inspect piston (10) for damage or broken ring lands (15), nicks, or burrs. 5.   Inspect piston pin bores (16) for wear, cracks, or abrasions. 6.   Measure the inside diameter of piston pin bore (16). Replace pistons that do not meet the following limits. REF NO. POINT OF MEASUREMENT SIZES AND FITS OF NEW PARTS inches (mm) WEAR LIMITS 16 Inside diameter of piston pin bore in piston 2.1268 (54.0207) 2.1270 (54.0258) 2.1280 (54.0512) Figure 8 10 16 15


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