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TM 9--2815--247--34 0070 00--3 CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0070 00 Removal -- Continued CAUTION Connecting rods and caps are matched sets and must be kept together for inspection and assembly. If subsequent inspection indicates the bearings are reusable, they must be reassembled in their normal positions. Failure to com- ply will result in premature failure. NOTE Connecting rods and caps are stamped with location number on the side of one of the bosses. For example, “1R” would identify connecting rod and cap for No. 1 cyl- inder on the right bank. The identifying serial numbers are located on the side opposite the cylinder location numbers. 3.   Mark the two bearings (4 and 5) with a grease pencil or suitable marker to indicate their locations. For example, the connecting rod bearing half (4) for cylinder “1R” should be marked “1RR” and the cap bearing half (5) should be marked “1RC”. 4.   If the connecting rod (7) or cap (8) markings are obliterated, restamp connecting rods and caps so that they can be installed in their original positions. Figure 8 5 4 7 8


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